Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunny day at Storm King

So I'm not coming through with my Astoria photo collage this week because I spent the weekend out of the city. This was far better than my Memorial Day weekend last year when I developed a horrific cold, lost my voice, and was alone (save Dinah, of course) in my apartment for three days because my roommates had both skipped town. Leaving town for a three day weekend is always preferable to sitting alone, sending pathetic emails to people for human interaction, and watching The Other Boleyn Girl on my roommate's netflix. This particular leaving town was especially nice, and really doesn't deserve simply being compared to my crappy holiday weekends of yore. Because I went here:
Ah yes, the bliss of leaving the city. The above picture is from Storm King Art Center, an enormous outdoor museum featuring large scale sculptures. It was a hot but lovely day for an art walk. Here's another picture featuring some strangers (a picture I took not for the attractiveness of the strangers, but to get a sense of scale):
Alas, the photos take too long to upload, so this will be the last one. It's of one of my favorites of the sculptures I saw. You'll note I'm not including the names of the artists (I think Calder did some?) because I don't know them. And really shouldn't art transcend the artist?

You may also notice that I'm not including any pictures of me at Storm King (you'll just have to trust that I was there). This is because I looked sweaty and gross that day. And really, if I wanted to make this blog a forum for unflattering photos of me I would just link to my facebook highlighting pretty much any photo of me taken during my college junior year, or as I like to call it: the year of the open mouth smile.

Hope you all had a happy Memorial Day weekend, dear readers!


  1. Wow. Those are great pics. It all looks so green and lovely! I'm jealous.

    I understand about looking sweaty and gross. It was really hot here this weekend too. I fear what it'll be like when I move back to AR.

    Also, I found this article about the 101 Best Sandwiches in NY. You should challenge yourself to try them all and write about it here! I mean, the whole blog doesn't have to be about it, BUT it could be a special feature once in a while. Maybe. Or not. You know, just throwing out ideas!

  2. Thanks! When are you heading back to AR? My parents said it was already 95 in Houston (you know, if that's any sort of comparison).

    And thanks for the suggestion! When I clicked on the link, the first one that came up is a place that is about a block from here. I've never gotten their sandwich, but I will say their bagels are kinda sub par.

  3. I'm glad you had a better Memorial Day than last year! Your blog is so interesting. I love your random stories :)