Saturday, May 1, 2010

The mission statement is...there is no mission statement

I wanted to start a blog not because I have a particular focus in mind, but more just for the sake of having a writing project I could easily knock out on lunch at work. I considered having a food blog again (for those unfamiliar, see previous, occasionally ballyhooed food blog: or reviewing movies or books. But honestly my diet of food (mostly consisting of bagels, strawberries, and vegetarian buffalo wings) probably wouldn't make for great reading. My reading likewise has lately consisted entirely of books my last roommate left behind when she moved out (mostly bestsellers from 10 years ago--many are good, none make for timely book reviews). I'll take comments from readers on what you'd like me to write about (this is a democratic blog, you see). Of course, for that, I'd require a readership. So until I build one up...I'll probably just talk about food (but NOT a food blog), my cat, and food my cat eats.

Starting with food, in the next post I plan to (at the suggestion of a helpful aunt!) write about the many cuisine options available in my neighborhood of Astoria (the Manhattan of Queens as no one really calls it). Actually, that's too great a feat. Instead, I'll probably rhapsodize about the food available on just the block I live on. Stay tuned!


  1. I'd like some information about why Queens has so many towns. Are they towns? Is Astoria named after John Jacob Astor? This may not make for the relaxing lunch blog you have in mind...

  2. Whatever you write about, I would love to read it! Having never been to New York, anything about it would be interesting. You could go to one cultural event a week, or cool restaurant, etc. and write about it. Or you could just write about your life. :)