Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sassy in Strawberry

A few months ago, I wrote a book intended for a high school audience about the exciting subject of trading futures (especially commodities futures). I don't remember being terribly interested in reading about futures and derivatives when I was in high school, but then again lack of access to age-appropriate reading material on the subject might just explain why I didn't blossom into a lucrative investor to this day. (Case in point, my last intended money making investment was in the New York lottery.) At any rate, last week I got the page proofs in for the book. It looks lovely all laid out with photos and has a nice clean design. The only surprise was that the predominant color was a very bright pink. I was later told this color was "strawberry," but I think a more accurate descriptor would be "Incrediberry Kool-aid."

I wrote to my editor thanking him for the proofs and mentioned that I thought the pink added a certain girlish charm to the otherwise dry subject of futures trading. His response:

I know! I wonder if it's too late to retitle the book?

"Oh no You Didn't!: The Girlfriend's Guide to Smart Futures Trading"

"Ooo Snap!: The Sassy Girl's Guide to Futures Trading Made Easy"

"BFF: Big Futures Fun!!! The OMG Guide to Futures Trading and Becoming Your Financial Future's Best Friend, Forever"

I only hope this is possible before press time.


  1. i'm sure whoever picked the color palette had a very good reason!

  2. Haha, did I not emphasize how much I liked the cleanliness of the design?

  3. Hahaha, I like the "Oh, Snap!" title. That's awesome.

  4. Hey Susan! I didn't realize you had a blog. So now I am following it! I really like it :-) Dinah is so beautiful. And congrats on your pink book! That is so exciting!!

  5. I prefer the third title, personally.