Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wedding cliches, nevertheless true

I feel a need to update, but I can't even begin to organize my thoughts on the wedding yet. This would be a plausible reason not to update at all. But in my case I think it just means I'll write some stream of consciousness post and then come back later and write something better. Part of the problem presently, is I don't have many of the pictures back yet, and generally my way to condense and make sense of big events and trips is to break them down into visual chunks that I can complement (or in some cases probably detract from) with text.
Our first professional wedding picture from the talent Toni Skotcher

The other problem is that everything I can possibly think to say about the wedding has already been said by so many others. "I felt surrounded and supported by such incredible love from friends and family." "It all seemed to go by so quickly." "It was one of the happiest days of my life." I know cliches are oft-used for a reason, and it should come as no surprise that others have felt the same way about their wedding as I do about mine (or I should say: ours). The fact that so many other people have felt these same emotions as they underwent similar ceremonies in no way takes away from my experience. I'm just incredibly lucky to have gotten to experience them myself. Because it's true--having so many people you love and care about in one place is both wonderful and exhausting in the best possible way. While I felt slightly bittersweet about the fact that with so many people I wanted to talk to and catch up with, I never had as much time as I wanted, it was still amazing to have everyone there. It was fun to see certain family members and friends, who I always thought might get along, conversing. And to know that anywhere I turned in a room with almost ninety people, that my eyes would always land on a the face of a loved one.

I think Sam and I are both in a sort of surreal limbo right now. Life has returned to normal, for the most part, but I still can't quite get used to the idea that I don't have anything in particular I should be doing. (Well, I do, but at least not a wedding to-do list.) Our apartment is still a somewhat overturned mess of boxes, votive candles, wine, and a hefty chunk of wedding cake. My full length mirror is still leaning against a wall in my living room. So I guess one of the post wedding tasks I should be doing is cleaning. And I will at some point. Right now I'm just enjoying looking around my living room at the chaos and remembering when it was filled with friends and family eating bagels and practicing dance moves. And perhaps just waiting for my husband to get home, as he's better at squirreling away votive candles than I am...

Friday, May 10, 2013

The post about not posting

I haven't gotten a chance to post lately, and I don't see myself being able to post anything substantive for the next few weeks. The main reason for this is simply because were I to post about what is going on in my life/what I'm writing about, it would inevitably have to be about one of the following two things:

1) wedding planning (and not the fun picking flowers parts, but the boring making seating charts and writing timelines stuff), OR
2) making collaborative presentations using cool new digital tools (and I can't really publish any of that scintillating material here anyway because I'm under contract)

So you see, it is really for your own good that I can't promise to update much this month (baring anything really cool happening to me out of the blue like running into Will Shortz on the street or being cold-called off my LinkedIn profile and offered a job writing story lines for professional wrestlers). I promise to return with super interesting things in a few weeks though! In the meantime, enjoy this picture of a long-haired guinea pig, because why not?

Isn't biodiversity great?