Friday, May 28, 2010

Books deals, and why my blog doesn't have one

So nearly a month in on this whole "new blog" thing and I realized I haven't really had much to say about Astoria. If I'm going to be completely honest with myself, I'd have to admit I never really had that much to say about Astoria. I think I was just looking for a blog name that hadn't been taken. I have plans to go on an Astoria photo odyssey soon (perhaps even during this up-coming three day weekend!), so Astorian photography enthusiasts should definitely remain on the edge of their seats. Other than that though, you might have to except that you'll need to get your Astoria-specific news elsewhere.

I'd still kind of like a blog theme though. After all, a blog theme is the first step in the path to a lucrative book deal. I could be the next woman who blogs about cooking her way through Julia Childs, living biblically, or living the advice of Oprah for a year. (Not sure about what that last one entails--but I see the book advertised on the subway, so clearly you should be looking for it in a grocery store checkout line soon). It seems like a year is the usual timeline for these sorts of projects. Perhaps I could craft my way through every Martha Stewart living project for 12 months? (The 8 hours it took my sister and me to painfully construct marzipan carrots for her simple garden cake is enough to convince me I wouldn't last more than 2 weeks at that endeavor). Other ideas I have rejected are: building a plywood shanty in Astoria Park in a sad attempt to create Walden 3, "The Princess: My Year Living the Advice of Machiavelli," and living my life according to the moral values of Mr. Rogers.
Here's another reject. And, yes, I know, I'm a photoshopping amateur.

I think I'm still in the drawing board phase of this project. Until my theme takes off, I'll probably just talk about my life, per the usual. But if you have any good ideas, feel free to share them with me. You'll be handsomely rewarded on the dedication page of my best seller once my blog achieves book deal status.


  1. i'd like to see more of your photoshop artwork! this post made my day!

  2. Hahahahaha, I love the photo shop pic!! It made laugh so hard. I see in a more recent post that someone suggested that you post some of your writing. I think that's a great idea. I'm in the middle of creating a writing blog (I have the template and the name, but I need to figure out the html stuff without knowing html at all...). Anyway I want to do daily prompts and have people comment or do their own posts or whatever. The key would be to get feedback and improve my writing.

  3. Rachel--I love your idea for a writing blog. Let me know when you have it up and running!

  4. I found a book-idea for you:

    Everyone knows that the most up-and-coming cool thing to do is always NOT doing the current cool thing that everyone does! Possibly a bit ironic for a blog.....but I say go for it! "My life not using technology except for blogging"