Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Autumn in New York...in May

A bizarre cold snap has hit New York this spring. Two weeks ago it was in the upper 80s, and this week it's dipping back into the 40s. On the downside, this means my new summer haircut (which after an overzealous Italian hairdresser was done with it, can best be described as a "bob"), that was acquired mere hours before the mysterious cold snap, is now impractical. Especially because of its unfortunate quality of looking silly under hats. On the plus side, I can now blame the temperature of my apartment for the death of my fuchsia plant--a slow demise that previously could only be attributed to my either over or under-watering it. Or maybe it's because I'm not supplying it enough "strong, indirect sunlight." I'm really not even sure what that means.

My cat, Dinah, who will likely be a regular feature of this blog (because she's cute and more interesting than talking about the weather), also prefers the cold weather. Being stuck at home all day, she experiences the bulk of the heat in my un-air-conditioned apartment in the summer. In the height of summer, this results in extreme cat wilt. She lays around, preferably on surfaces of clean laundry in dark colors that will best highlight her massive shedding, and moves as little as possible until fall. This year, she's had to deal with a new hot weather horror because I now have a ceiling fan in my room, which for some reason she finds incredibly threatening. Here's a photo of what Dinah would look like if she were typing this post:
In unrelated news, the film Something Borrowed is currently being filmed on the street where I work. The movie stars Ginnifer Godwin, Kate Hudson and (the reason most of the girls in the office have been taking a lot more coffee breaks to walk by the movie set) John Krasinski. I haven't personally seen him, but I can say that his trailer is the only one with an awning. Yep. Big news.

I think this post was done for when I started resorting to cute pictures of my cat...

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