Monday, December 2, 2013

A little Thanksgiving post

I do enjoy writing my yearly Thanksgiving post because my Thanksgivings are pretty reliable. There's a reason it's my favorite holiday. I spent it with my wonderful family (who I've become only more thankful for through the years as I've encountered other people's families who don't all get along quite so oddly well), unapologetic food binging, and laid back good times. Another thing I should be thankful for but realized I've taken for granted over the years is the quality of turkey to which I am accustomed. During our Monday morning what-did-you-do-over-Thanksgiving chat circle at the gym (it's things like this which probably cause people to call Crossfit a cult), several people summed up their Thanksgiving as "spent time with family; turkey was dry." While dry turkey certainly isn't a Thanksgiving-ruining issue, provided enough extra gravy is nearby, it does make me grateful for both turkey bags and for my dad who can tease great flavor out of an otherwise bland bird.

Anyway, I think it's fairly safe to say that my entire blog readership was present this weekend (I'm joking of course, I know that Beth reads this too. Hey, Beth!), but I'm going to post a few pictures anyway. After all, you might have been there, but you could still want to see evidence of it.

My sister, me, and a mug. 

Sam and I and my grandfather. Santa hats were brought out, but don't worry, not until after Thanksgiving. 

With my grandmother, and in the absence of Santa hats. 

The bird prepares to make its debut

This house in Fort Worth was designed by my great grandfather. It recently sold for $1.4 million. For those who are interested, I also found this article that talks about the extensive grounds in the back that we didn't get to see. 
We went to the Kimbell Art Museum to see their new building. This isn't the new building, but I liked this picture because the colorful foliage in the corner keeps making me think the photographer's thumb brushed the lens.  
I was thankful to be down in Arlington yet again, especially with such ease of air travel. While the trip always feels far too short, I'm glad to know I'll at least some of the same folks in a little less than a month for our post Christmas celebrations! 


  1. Shame on me for not reading your blog in awhile. I've been busy with a few things but that is really not a great excuse. I've gotten rid of Facebook, as it was eating my life, but I still want to keep in touch with you. You look darling with your haircut. I figure I should tell you that Jon and I will be having a baby this April. My gmail is the same (the one with my crazy married name), so you can always find me there! Miss you!

  2. Hi Alicia! Congratulations on the baby--that's wonderful news! I don't know that I have the email with your married name (I think the last one I had for you was the braintransplant one). Drop me an email at; I'd love to catch up.