Monday, December 9, 2013

Scenes from a Samsung Galaxy S3 (Holiday edition)

When I first got my phone, I indulged in a little lazy blogging by just posting a bunch of photos that were on my phone for a few weeks. Naturally, the novelty has worn off the new toy, as happens with all gadgets eventually I suppose because someone must be buying all these new iPhone updates. Anyway, one thing the novelty will never wear off of is lazy writing. Why take the time to come up with a true (or in my cause, usually somewhat tenuous) narrative to tie together random events when I can allow the random events to do that for themselves? In expertly captured image form, no less! 

I flipped through all of the things I took pictures of in the last week or so and included a random sample. Well that's inaccurate. If it were a random sampling, most of these would be blurry, accidental pictures of my face, or pictures of my cat. Instead there's only one picture of my cat (...and one picture of somebody's else's cat), so I can assure you the photo choices were anything but random. 

My favorite of the Dinah pictures currently on my phone. Not her most flattering angle, perhaps, but then this is my blog, not hers. 

The sun sets triumphantly over the 30th Ave subway stop. Times being what they are, this probably occurred at 4:45. 

Cabbage expertly squeezed of its moisture. Look at all that cabbage water! This did eventually become (according to Sam) excellent sauerkraut. 

The farmer's market on a winter's day. 

Stopping for warmth inside the W Hotel. Sam's head needed additional warmth, so he borrowed my hat and made that face. 

Decorating 101. Notice how the wreath oh-so-casually hides my door number lest Internet stalkers hunt me down. This sadly might prevent UPS from finding me though. 

This looks like a staged photo, but I really did magically capture my niece mid tree trimming. 

Still life with Martha Stewart. One day I too will host brunches this classy. 

A snowy eve in Prospect Park. It's blurry because it's snowy, not because I'm a poor phonetographer.

Sam's friend owns a wine shop and built this winter village window display. The train doesn't actually run, and I don't think it will rival the NYBG train show anytime soon, but I took a picture of it, so now I'm posting it because it matches the holiday tableau I'm crafting here. 

The second Christmas tree in this post and the second one that isn't mine.  Cute cat though. 
Hope you enjoyed these visual treats courtesy of my phone. It's fun to occasionally post these things, because otherwise they just languish on my phone until I eventually forget why I took them.

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  1. I have a little Christmas tree, it's too bad you can't visit it and get it some fame on your blog :)