Monday, December 23, 2013

Goodbyes and cookie making

It seems this winter is a transitional time for many around here. One of my first Crossfit friends had her last workout on Friday (moving to Cleveland), the same day that one of the members of my book club had her last day (moving to Nashville). Another girl I work with, who I've been friends with for pretty much the whole time I've worked at the company (which scarily enough will be six years soon), is moving on to a marketing company. We, and a couple of other coworkers (now mostly former coworkers) have been getting together to make Christmas cookies every December for the past four years. It's traditions like these that I'm particularly thankful for in periods of transition. New York is a very transient city, or perhaps all cities are when you're in your 20s, but while good friends come and go, it's nice to have things (such as cookies) that you can count on.

Here then, is a short recap of Christmas cookie makings past:

2010. The inaugural cookie making. We drank too much wine, and spilled frosting everywhere, but Kate still continues to invite us back. 

2011. This strangely was without wine. Also, I still have that reindeer sweater and wore it to another Christmas party this weekend, so there's that. 

2012. We didn't plan to organize in matching pairs like that, but clearly our decorating party is reaching new levels of synergy. Also, the only cookie decorating photo in existence showcasing all of us. 

2013. The party this year. Sadly, only one of these girls still works with me as of January 1st. 

Still 2013. Couldn't help but post a few of our creations. After  four years, we're getting a little better at this. 

So this was just a short post because I imagine many are celebrating things (Christmas/time off work/what have you) instead of reading blogs. Also, I probably won't be updating again in 2013 because I too will be doing such things. See you in 2014 then, those of you reading this. And may you have happiness for all of the holidays in between!

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  1. I almost missed this! I like the retrospective -- fun to see your charging hair.