Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Doing some wedding

I wanted to share a few photos from a wedding I recently officiated. To be clear, recent or not, it's also the only wedding I've ever officiated. I thought the process would be easy enough because writing a ceremony for my two awesome friends getting married (their awesomeness was actually something of a theme of the ceremony) would be a piece of cake, especially after recently going through the editing process of my own wedding ceremony. While the writing of the ceremony, being as it was quite short, went swimmingly, I'd forgotten I would also have to do the delivering of the ceremony part. Writing comes fairly naturally, but the public speaking part of wedding officiating does not.

Getting down to some serious officiating.
Watching the vow reading.
I was a bit nervous heading over to the wedding site, despite the fact that the entire group I would be speaking to was less than 20 people, a good portion of whom didn't speak English. Sam and I arrived early despite knowing the bride and groom would quite likely be late. Luckily all the other guests did too. After talking to everyone for a half hour or so before adjoining to the ceremony site, the nervousness went away as I got to know everyone. The end result wasn't half bad (or so Sam assures me). I don't think I'll be making a career of marrying people, but there are definitely things I am worse at (bowling, butterfly pull-ups, not arriving early to things, graphic design, etc).

I like this one of everyone else, so I'm including it even though I'm obviously looking at some other camera.
In addition to a not too shaky ceremony, it was just a wonderful day. The wedding was in a beautiful park uptown (Fort Tyron Park, home of the Cloisters) that is one of my favorites but that I never seem to actually make it to. The weather was lovely and the flowers were abundant. Not a bad place to do some marrying at all.

I loaned my sunglasses for this shot because I am a full service officiant. I don't just provide the ceremony, but also the photo props.

My favorite picture of the happy couple.


  1. Lovely! I'm sure there's a story about the stuffed animal Sam is holding.

  2. Oh yes! That's Kopička. He belongs to Barbora's nieces and featured in most of their photos of the NYC trip, so naturally he made it into most of the wedding photos too.

  3. I just recently got photos of the nieces visiting some family friends whose daughter just had a baby. Kopička is in every single one of them. Also - I feel famous now. :)