Monday, May 23, 2016

Camping while the sun shines

It rained all last week and seems likely to rain this week as well, but we did have a brief respite this weekend, which was lucky because we had a camping trip that had been planned for eons. Sam and I are more day hikers than campers, but I do enjoy the part where you get to sit around doing nothing and eating lots of junk food. The seasoned campers in our group even adjusted the camping location based on those of us who preferred electricity to power up our air mattresses. Perhaps we'll rough it a bit more next time, but I've got to say: I really didn't miss sleeping on the ground. 

Anyway, here's a few photos from camping:
I lied, this one isn't from camping. This is from a Hall and Oates concert. It was supposed to pour rain that night, but instead the weather was perfect! A theme for this post. 
I saw a thing on Pinterest about making cinnamon rolls in hollowed out oranges. It was the main thing I was looking forward to about camping. It took about a half hour longer than the Internet said, but it turned out delicious. 

Approximately half of the campers in our group and a third of the dogs. 

Sunset over Lake Georgetown

This was taken on our walk to find the fishing dock. The dock was floating but the stairs out to it were underwater due to the aforementioned heavy rains. Luckily, we all brought bathing suits, so we made it out to the dock. No fish were caught, but it was a nice place to consume chips and beer. 
This week the forecast is more rain, I believe. In exciting news, Sam's parents arrive this week. We're planning to spend much of our Memorial Day weekend helping them get settled in their new place.

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