Wednesday, May 11, 2016


So...I haven't updated since spring break. I guess the semester really took hold their for a bit. Luckily, I'm now officially done with classes. This means I have less of an excuse not to update. That said, I don't really have a lot to write about (yet). I've been mostly spending my weekends writing papers and books. Since spring break I have managed a trip to Houston for my mom's birthday and a trip to Arlington just for a visit. However, I went through my phone and found very few photos of these or any other events. Once I get out of the blogging mindset, I forget about documenting things full stop. Nevertheless, these are the best four photos I found:

Birthday cake! It was a pretty big cake, but something about the angle of this shot makes it look enormous. 

Dinah, in repose. Naturally, when I stop documenting everything else, I never quit with the cat photos. How can I when she's always looking so cute? 

My first year growing plants from seed. So far they're doing pretty well, and I should have my first batch of tomatoes soon. Luckily the stinkbugs haven't seemed to have found us this year. 

Started the cucumbers a little late, but we'll see how it goes
Anyway, now that I'm back to blogging and doing non-boring, non-school things, I hope to have more to write about/take photos of soon! Until then...

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