Monday, November 4, 2013

The people like warm weather

Sam suggested going to Central Park this weekend because it was unseasonably warm and because I needed a break from writing. I realized on our way over that it was exactly a year ago that we took our engagement photos in Central Park. I mostly remember because it was the first weekend in November and should have been the marathon weekend, if it wasn't canceled due to Sandy. Also, interestingly, as I recall freezing in my cute-but-not-entirely-weather-appropriate mustard colored dress, this weekend marked little resemblance to that particular November weekend as it was in the high 60s.

Fall color. If you squint, and don't notice all the people, it almost looks like nature. 
This year, enjoying the park on a beautiful day (well up until it rained) made me realize how lucky we were in our choice of times last year. The advantage of going to the park when we did (super early. on a nearly freezing November day. directly after a debilitating city-wide natural disaster), is that we had the park nearly to ourselves. The thing I most notice when I look at our engagement photos is that it looks like we're alone in the park, which even on the best of days is hardly ever the case. To illustrate this point, I took a couple of shots around Bethesda Fountain, where we'd met our photographer last year. At 3 PM on a beautiful, warm November day, it was something of a different story.



 Despite the hardship of throngs of people (including us) we saw a number of photographers and couples  trying to capture their enduring love on film. I think we saw at least two brides and one engagement shoot just within the tunnel and area directly around the fountain. It's also worth noting that there was a camera man accompanying a sizable group of people dressed like Batman. We're talking maybe 20 to 25 Batmans (Batmen?). They seemed to be having an easier time than the engaged couples, as even the most self-involved tourist knows to steer clear of a fleet of caped avengers.
One of Sam's photos. He generally has the better eye.
This is why we need a professional photographer. 
Luckily, this year the marathon was able to go on as usual. A friend of mine was running in it and managed to get under four hours. I can't imagine running for four hours straight, but I know that even if I somehow managed that, that I would be close to completely 26.2 miles at the end of it.

Marathon runners rounding 5th Ave below the park (so about 24 miles in). 
So while I didn't accomplish any major life goals (not that running a marathon is even remotely on my list of life goals), it was overall a pretty good weekend. Hope it was equally warm, and perhaps less crowded where you were, readers. 

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  1. I always have felt pity for couples I see taking wedding or engagement pictures in bad weather in SF, but now I won't. They are lucky to have less crowds.