Monday, October 28, 2013

Lazy Halloweening

For someone who doesn't watch scary movies (with the obvious exception of zombie movies) and thinks paying money for people to jump out and attack you in haunted houses is kind of stupid (especially this one where the rumor is they straight up water board you), I'm usually pretty into Halloween.  The last few years, I've hosted Halloween parties and for the last two Halloween parades I've danced to some Michael Jackson song or another. This year, however, I'm feeling like ever since the wedding, we can take a break from hosting for a while. Also, I defected from the Halloween parade. Might as well give some new zombies a chance to shine, as I just couldn't get that excited about going to rehearsal.

Our Halloween plans might have amounted to absolutely nothing, excepting last post's pumpkin carving, if a friend hadn't decided to throw a party at the last moment. This left us with the need to come up with costumes on the fly. Knowing we couldn't top last year's ensembles, and really, you can probably only get away with a couple's costume that cloying once, we went a different way with it. We became determined to cobble together costumes from existing items rather than buy more items at Goodwill strictly for costume purposes. At this point I have an entire plastic tub full of clothes that I don't actually wear just keep around for rare costuming purposes. I refuse to start a second tub.

Oddly, our rummage and some Internet research led to two fairly disparate costumes. With some high-wasited sailor pants and a button-up shirt, I could pull off 70s. For whatever reason, I decided my pop culture icon of choice would be Jan Brady. Of course, the only real effort made there was pulling my hair back and curling the front bit which got a bit messed up on the windy walk to the party, so by the time I arrived, I was back to being generic 1970s person. Sam, by contrast, chose the route of gluing leaves and newspaper scraps to a rain poncho and being a person trapped in a hurricane. He was originally going to be a newscaster in a hurricane, but we lost the resolve to make a little fake microphone. Naturally, with Hurricane Sandy now being a year passed and this being (thankfully) a rather quiet year storm-wise, his cultural reference was perhaps only slightly less outdated than mine. He had the advantage though in that the windy walk to the party only enhanced the look of his ensemble.
Sam, caught in the hurricane that is our entryway. 

It's like looking in a mirror, right? 

The party was fun and especially enhanced because the host's have an adorable Jack Russell Terrier that reminds me very much of my old dog in that he loves all people and can barely contain his excitement around them. Luckily, through my awkward inability to show up anywhere fashionably late, we got a good 10 minute of uninterrupted puppy time in before the other guests arrived. That right there makes putting on bell bottoms and riding three trains on a windy night worth it.

So now, with no parade or other Halloween plans in my future, it pretty much feels like November around here (stay tuned for a writing project I may be working on in November proper). For those who live in neighborhoods where kids actually trick or treat or who have plans yet to happen, I hope you have a wonderful Halloween!


  1. I like your costumes. I'm sure people knew immediately who you were!

    I bought Halloween candy today -- way too much. I've had it in the house for 5 hours and haven't opened it yet...

  2. See they still sell bulk candy in the grocery stores by me, so somewhere they must trick or treat door to door. Or maybe it's just because this time of year brings out the candy binging in all of us.

    That's the one downside of not hosting a party this excuse to buy candy.