Monday, October 29, 2012

Remaining skeptical of everyone who said I can pull off bald

No loss of power yet from this media-christened "Frankenstorm" (a nice Halloween take on the usual "Snowpocolypse" or "Blizzuricane"), so I thought I'd update about this weekend before work. (The downside of working from home is that even though the subways are down, the office is closed, and every fun thing I had planned for the next two days is canceled--I still have to work.) Anyway, this weekend we threw out annual (well, this is the second year in a row that we threw one) Halloween party. Photos of the previous shindig can be seen here. This one wasn't quite as rollicking as the last one. For some reason, no one really seemed to be drinking, and yet everyone brought plenty of alcohol. All told, after the party we were left with 5 full bottles of wine, 6 complete 6-packs of beer, a handle of vodka, and the better part of a bottle of Venezuelan rum. None of which we purchased. I guess that's one way to batten down the hatches for a hurricane.

This year, being the only Halloween of our engagement, Sam and I figured we could get away with what would otherwise be an incredibly cloying couples costume. In other words, we decided to dress as each other. We reasoned it was the perfect, cost-effective costume because we could just wear each other's clothes and invest in the appropriate hair pieces. In the end, I was able to wear his pants with a belt, but he looks terribly unflattering in any dresses of mine that he could fit. We purchased him a dress in his approximate lady size at Goodwill that I picked out and deemed something that I would wear. I actually really like the dress and if it were one-size smaller it would be spared being sent back to Goodwill. We also purchased a pair of simple ballet flats for him at Payless that, now that he's told me they are quite comfortable, I actually might go back and purchase in my size.

We wanted to take a before and after picture to really highlight the quality of the illusion, so we dressed up in each other's costumes. Unfortunately, I had cut my hair shortly prior to the before picture, so it no longer resembles the wig we got him at all. In something of a Gift of the Magi Halloween edition twist, the main reason I cut my hair was so that it would fit better under the bald cap. In the end, it doesn't really matter because cheap blond curly wigs really only come in Marilyn Monroe and Farrah Fawcett, so hair-wise we were pretty much doomed from the start. But enough of my excuse-making, behold the finished product:

Can you figure out which are the real Susan and Sam? It's admittedly difficult.

Here are a couple other pictures showing a few other party people:
My friends: the sky and Dia de los Meurtos. Also, there's evidence of me in poorly fitting pants.

This photo was stolen from my photography friend. I think she captured Sam's discomfort well.

The only one who managed a full costume change mid party! Dinah was pretty angry with us for inviting Brando, but then how can you say no to that face? 
Some of the party snacks. Chocolate strawberry ghouls, caprese eyeballs, and witch's fingers.

Mary Poppins and Bert. They were kind enough to leave part of their costume behind so we granted the hostess gift of a brand new broom!

Brando with his parents and in his first costume of the night. They planned their costumes around his.

My favorite action shot of the night.
So that was Halloween part 1. Now that I've gotten all of the spirit gum out of my hair, it seems like so long ago! I'm hopeful this hurricane will blow over with minimal damage for a number of reasons, but in part because it could make way for the Halloween parade on Wednesday. Weather permitting, I will yet again be dancing as one of Michael Jackson's zombies to Thriller. Keeping my fingers crossed. 


  1. Lovely summary of the fun evening, Susan!

  2. Hope you get to do the Halloween parade again! Love the costumes. :)