Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wedding photos!

Oddly, the wedding seems like a very long time ago already. Given the recent heat wave, it's hard to believe there was a time when I was cold and desperately searching for a cover up for my strapless dress. At any rate, no matter how far we get from that day, we can always remember how nice we clean up and how cute we all look when not shellacked in a layer of sweat because behold: there are wedding pictures!

I put a bunch (though not all 850 because it seemed a little intense) here for those who are interested. The photographer is Toni Skotcher, for those looking for a wonderful wedding photographer or those just wondering who not to copyright infringe by selling these on the underground wedding photography market. As a note, she provided the party photos in both black and white and color, and I chose which version I liked along with my whim. If you like one of those photos and want to see it in its other version, just let me know.

While that album includes the bulk of the photos, for those who prefer the Cliffs Notes version, I wanted to share a few of my favorite images from that beautiful day. At the very least, that should make this blog post seem longer.
Look how cute and not at all sweaty we appear.

I like this one because it seems like a more natural pose for us.

This one's in our living room because it's Sam's favorite. 

You'd never guess it rained the four days prior!

A lovely photo of three of my favorite people.

Walking admirably (if I do say so) on the grass in heels.

You can't really see them here, but beyond us there are horses.  So if you're into horses, just know they're back there. 

Supposedly the alpacas were known to spit, but luckily this one restrained him(her?)self.

This one's on my dresser. 

Early colonization of the dance floor.
Eatin' cake. My awesome handy and crafty friends made both the cake toppers and the escort card holder in the background.
 Hope you enjoy these and check out the others when you get the chance! It's not every day I curl my eyelashes, so I probably won't look this good again for a while.


  1. Those are amazing!! I can see why the picture with Sam kissing your cheek is his favorite. I love it! I also love that the super sneaky photographer caught that little moment with us bridesmaids. Don't remember that at all. It really feels like the wedding was forever ago...and it wasn't long ago at all!

  2. the wedding was a delight.
    the day, the venue, the friends
    and now these lovely memories
    were perfect
    Sam brother gave the funny funny toast,
    your mother's wonderful poem,
    your father's dance with you.
    all made the day perfect.