Monday, July 29, 2013

A hot air ballon festival, but really more just a festival

This weekend we headed out to New Jersey for a hot air balloon festival. There were plenty of free samples to be had, a truck selling only bacon in various forms, and a lady being shot out of a cannon--the usual festival finery. The one thing there weren't a lot of were hot air balloons. It was a bit too windy for the planned lift off of 125 balloons majestically floating over the fields of New Jersey. But in the end we at least got to find out what bacon candy tastes like, so it was surely worth the trip. Some photos of the festival:
The cannon lady at moment of ejection
The cannon lady at her highest point. Behind her net, you can see a tethered hot air balloon taking people up for short rides. It was only $20, but if I'm going to pay to be on a hot air balloon, I want to go more than 50 feet off the ground. 
Although it wasn't safe for lift off, some of the pilots inflated a few balloons so we could appreciate them grounded. Here's Humpty Dumpty, looking particularly concerned by the weather.

Alas, Elvis too was denied flight.

Me with a slowly deflating elephant behind me. 

I guess that's really all I have to say about this particular bit of weekend. Overall, it cemented by interest in one day going hot air ballooning while validating my disinterest in ever allowing myself to be shot out of a human cannon. Apparently it gets to be 110 degrees inside the cannon on a summer day like Saturday! Jennifer the Cannon Lady is welcome to that business. 

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