Monday, February 25, 2013

Rigoletto and the Rat Pack

Whoa, it's been a while. Generally, when I know I'm not going to make a substantive update for a while, I at least throw in a picture of my cat to tide things over. These last couple of weeks, I didn't have time for even that. It's been a mess of writing and procrastinating around here, but I just met a deadline today, so things are looking up. It's a shame though, because my cat has been especially photogenic lately.

This weekend I went to see a production of Rigoletto at the Met. I actually saw the same opera there when I first moved to New York and thought it would be a good idea to buy tickets to eight operas all on weeknights. I saw some good things that year. I also skipped out on the second intermission of several shows because weeknight operas are tough. Anyway, I was up for seeing it again because it's a show I really enjoy. I also was curious to see this new production which is set in 1960s Vegas. One of my favorite things about opera is the methods they take to keep trying to make classics that have been around for a couple hundred years feeling fresh. It's also a testament to the universal themes that they can really be transplanted (with reasonable success) to any time and place and be just about as ridiculous as the original storyline.

Granted some settings are more ridiculous than others. There was apparently a version of Rigoletto put on in Munich that was Planet of the Apes themed. So that's where we are innovation-wise.

I admit, I kind of wish I'd seen this one. 
 The Met version was somewhat less eccentric. I actually thought the staging worked very well. There was some wonderful Overlook Hotel style casino carpeting and plenty of flashing neon lights. The Duke had a playboy/lounge singer thing going which seemed appropriate. The last act also involved a car on stage which even given the 30 minute intermission that preceded it was fairly impressive.

Perfectly encapsulates all the things I don't like about Vegas.
I don't have too much else to say about this show. Mostly, I think I don't feel too much like writing after finally getting that book turned in. I took an awesome picture of Dinah laying down next to a power drill, but sadly it's on Sam's phone. That probably would have helped make this post better.

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