Monday, March 4, 2013

Marching fourth

So that was kind of a pitiable showing last month. Will try to do better in March. Right now I keep making the mistake of being busy, but not with anything worth writing in depth about. This weekend, I
  • Went to celebrate a friend's marriage by recreating a brunch at the place we actually wanted to go but couldn't get reservations to (our version was probably superior anyway).
  • Attended the birthday party of a good friend and discovered I have a natural talent for bocce ball, provided the indoor court rules are almost completely ignored.
  • Helped a friend paint her apartment (well 1 1/2 rooms of it anyway) a beautiful red that looked rich and wine-colored on the wall, but rather looked like dried blood on my skin (that's how I paint: messily). Possibly disturbed a few people on the subway ride home.
  • Overcooked a skirt steak
  • Wandered around the local salvage yard for not-too-junky window shutters for a potentially poorly conceived wedding project.
There are all well and good pastimes, but not terribly interesting to elaborate on (both as a writer, and no doubt as a reader). I guess I finally understand why people tweet. Not to be deterred; however, I fully intend to write more regardless of how boring I'm actually being. After all, originally I used to write about things other than what I'm currently doing, and I do actually miss those times. For March, I'd like to try to expand on a few ideas not grounded in current events (although naturally that will change if I actually do something cool in March...). Since I just came up with this idea now, and it was kind of taxing, I won't actually start on this free form writing project today, but the promise is still there. Instead, I leave you with this: 

I call it "The Reluctant Handyman." It will serve the March spot should I ever get my 12-month Dinah photo calendar off the ground. 


  1. You should tweet, we can be tweet buddies! The best part is most of the time I just "retweet" what other people say because I feel like there was a good chance I would have also come up with something that witty.

  2. What's your twitter name again?