Monday, February 11, 2013

Astoria, blanketed

The good thing about most of my readership being far afield, even if it does limit how much I can get away with talking about local eats, is that hopefully you aren't sick of snow pictures at this point. If you are for whatever reason sick of snow pictures though, feel free to stop reading, because this post is pretty much just that. I'm really a fan of snow for the first day or so after it falls (ie before it transforms into a dirty, trash-studded, slush pile), so after the blizzard we got Friday, I spent some of Saturday frolicking in it down at Astoria Park. Now that it's a rainy Monday, the snow is either in dirty heaps or forming large puddles at street corners that must be waded through, but at least I have the memories (and photographic documentation) of the powdery white times.

Walking home from a party with a friend during the blizzard Friday night. This was a bit after midnight, but the sky looks like dusk, which I'm attributing to the city lights reflecting off the snow. 
Astoria Park on a beautiful, sunny Saturday morning.

I realize all of my pictures of the park make it look like I was the only one there. In reality, there were a ton of kids sledding or building snowmen (something I would have attempted had I thought to bring gloves), but I opted for thoughtful empty snow pictures instead.

Me, after a nice snow frolic. 

And again, after Sam had caught up with me (his frolicking was more contained due to lack of proper snow boots)
 Hope those to the north and those who actually own things like cars and houses that must be dug out aren't having too many headaches with this one!

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