Sunday, April 3, 2011

Home is where the cat is

I'm sure you've all been waiting with baited breath for pictures of my new apartment. Actually, it's more that I've been waiting with baited breath to show you because that means I'm settled in, can resume regularly scheduled activities, and get to go places other than IKEA. The move actually went really smoothly. Turns out, movers are totally worth the money. Our movers not only moved all our stuff up four flights of stairs in only a few hours, but accidentally left the cash we gave them for their troubles (the official payment that is; they didn't neglect to take the tip). If my boyfriend and I weren't the kind of morally sound people who would chase down a moving truck, it might have been the cheapest, most efficient move ever.

But now for the important stuff: apartment photos. I hadn't seen the place post-renovation, until about three days before the move, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that they really had been serious about making things look nice. You can judge for yourself.

Here's a view of the living room. That rug is a stand-in for our real, yet-to-be-acquired living room rug, but everything else is pretty much in place.

This, as you might have guessed, is also the living room. I thought I should include two photos of it so as to answer the question I'm sure was plaguing you: but where did you put the litter box?
I've lived self-sufficiently for about three years, maintained a steady job, paid my bills on time, filed my own taxes, and published three books, but it's having a bathroom with granite counter tops that truly makes me feel like an accomplished adult.

The bedroom, which clearly needs some art on the walls. My boyfriend is getting his collection framed at present, so soon this room will contain at least one tour de force of modern art, which may or may not look like paint splatters to those of us who haven't the wherewithal to appreciate Jackson Pollock. Also, note a friendly face at the lower left hand corner. Dinah is adjusting very well to the move!

Just image the experimental cooking hijinx I can get up to now that I have adequet counter space! It's been over a year since I've lived in an apartment with a microwave. Naturally, popcorn was first on the grocery list.

I know, I know, the living room has been photographed to death. But this one is really about showcasing my new haircut. A nice apartment deserves a kicky, layered 'do to go with it.

Thus concludes the photograph journey through my newest Astorian haven. I hope you like it as much as I do, because I don't think I can afford to ever move again!


  1. I have been waiting with baited breath (not really sure what that means...) Thanks for the pictures. We need a close-up of the hair cut. The apartment looks great! You must have been working hard to get it ready for photo ops. Glad Dinah likes it.

  2. Looks awesome! Makes me want to visit New York :)

  3. Beautiful space!
    Congrats on the move.

  4. Look at your grown up shower curtain!

  5. Looks good!! Love the kitchen!!! :) You will get some stuff up on the walls soon!

  6. Thanks, friends (even you, Anonymous)! I'm really happy with the way things are turning out. And Jess, a few more ideas from you--and the walls will be filled!

  7. Beautiful shower curtain! We clearly both have great taste ;)

  8. Yes, a close up of the hair cut please. The apartment is terrific.