Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A room with a brew

I've been really busy packing up all my earthly possessions this weekend in preparation for the big move, which is about as exciting to read about as it is to actually do, which is why I haven't updated in a few days. Actually, I guess I usually go a few days between updates, so I really needn't have bothered making excuses for it. At any rate, suffice is to say, even though I'm only moving all my stuff 6 blocks from where it is now, when you add in 5 flights of stairs (1 down and 4 up for the carrying stuff leg of the trip), it will always be a chore.

The one time I left the den of boxes and bubble wrap this weekend was to journey to the Brooklyn Brewery for the 826 Volunteer Appreciation Party. This is a once-a-year hipster rally in which all the volunteers in the 826 network come out of the woodwork to try to make small-talk with 826 founder, Dave Eggers. When I went a couple of years ago, there were other celebs in attendance, New York 826 Prez Sarah Vowell and (somewhat more surprising) Michelle Williams with her daughter Matilda. I had a brief but exciting (well, for me anyway) conversation with Matilda about pencil erasers. This was before she was named by New York Magazine as one of the "10 Most Powerful Children in New York," but I think we could both already tell she had more going on than I did.

This year, Dave Eggers had to hold down the fort alone and thus had his hands pretty full mingling with the hoards of Brooklyn's hippest. My friends and I decided that rather than wait in line for our chance to chat him up or join one of the pick-up Scrabble games, that we would go on the free tour of the brewery. I'd never been to the Brooklyn Brewery, whose New York production is housed in a former matzo ball factory. The tour wasn't super exciting, but it was interesting to learn that the company was basically formed by two random neighbors in Park Slope who decided to quit their day jobs and brew beer. I mean, I guess, for every story of two plucky entrepreneurs creating a successful start-up, there are probably at least ten more of people loosing their life savings because they thought the world needed a combination laundromat/take-out Chinese restaurant. Still, it's heartening to see someone's dream of living off their beer money come to fruition.

Standing in front of some sort of beer processing tankard. I didn't really pay attention on the tour, but I think this is where they add the yeast?

This was an enjoyable outing, minus some bitter coldness on the walk back to the train. I've decided packing is made easier with the addition of beer. Wish me luck on the move tomorrow! Dinah is probably more nervous than I am, as the fact that her entire world is now packed up in boxes has not gone unnoticed.


  1. Good luck on the move! And I think it's so cool that you do the 826 thing (I just googled the name and I remembered you talking about volunteering, but I couldn't remember the name of the organization. I've since connected the dots!).

  2. Yay, you're wearing the coat you got here! Nice!

  3. Deepsnaps--I get so many compliments on that coat! This one woman at a fancy hat store asked if I worked in fashion. Of course, when I told her it was Primark, she changed her tune and wouldn't let me try on any hats.