Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Taste the rainbow

It was our turn to host our monthly wine club last weekend. Truth be told, as much as we maintain the pretense of caring about wine, it's really become more of a dinner club where we just happen to get drunk. The focus is 100% on the food. We normally pick a region, country, or cuisine style as a theme, but this time I got a little more conceptual. Inspired by a book Sam gave me (specifically this one), the theme for each course was a color. With so much fresh summer produce right now, it didn't seem like too much of a challenge. Plus it finally gave me a chance to buy the purple cauliflower I've always been curious about. 

It seems fitting that I include some photos of our escapades:

Orange: pimento cheese dip and monkey gland cocktails to start

Green: salad with greens avocado, shaved asparagus, and cucumber

Purple: Blue corn tacos with chorizo, purple vegetables, and a purple potato based salsa. Yellow: corn salad

Most of our colorful menu was all natural colors, but we certainly weren't going to say no to these rainbow cupcakes
As a bonus, here's the purple vegetables before roasting. Aren't the beautiful? 
 Definitely a very tasty and fun meal! I might spring the extra $1 for purple cauliflower again sometime.

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