Monday, June 29, 2015

Picking lavender while the sun shines

A few weekends ago was the Lavender Festival in Blanco, about 45 minutes outside of Austin. I'd wanted to go, but we had friends in town and it also wasn't ideal outdoor festival weather, so we stayed in town. The existence of the Blanco Lavender Festival did give us the important information that there are a bunch of lavender farms (enough to create a festival around them anyway) right outside Austin. I looked a few up, weighed my options, and then Sam and I sat out to day trip to the Blanco area and specifically to Hill Country Lavender where you can pick your own for a nominal fee.

Sam is a seasoned lavender picker. 
It was a lovely drive out and perfect weather. Arriving at the farm, we had the whole place to ourselves, although when we left several groups of people were arriving. The farm is small, but they have a number of lavender products for sale (your soaps, your candles, and weirdly sachets that can double both as tea bags and bath fragrance). They also sold several different varieties of lavender. I bought a small plant for my garden and am hoping for the best.

Strolling the fields.
We also partook of the pick-your-own lavender to have a little something nice to smell for the trip home. I hadn't thought of what to do with it other than occasionally pick up the bouquet to smell it, but now I'm considering infusing it in oil as well.

Now that's one of many summer day trips crossed off the list! Many more to go...


  1. So jealous!!! There are a million and one things to do with lavender: lavender tea, lavender shortbread, lavender sugar (!!) and of course it adds a nice dimension as a part of savory herb dishes as well. Lavender chocolate, lavender eye pillows. Lavender has relaxing properties so is great for helping you sleep.

  2. And I love your dress. It looks like it was made to be worn for lavender picking :)

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