Monday, June 22, 2015

2 years and a month (well, almost)

Our second anniversary was celebrated a little late this year. We had planned to go for dinner at a nice restaurant in Austin we haven't tried yet. Unfortunately, that was the day after we came back from our trip to New York to flooding in Austin. The resulting 8-hour unplanned diversion to Houston had us arriving home at 3 in the morning. After a late night and a full day of work, we both decided to bag our dinner plans, order take out, and pass out around 8:30. 

Luckily, Sam had already booked follow-up plans. Knowing my enjoyment of a good high tea, he arranged to have one at the Four Seasons in Austin as a surprise. (So much of a surprise was it that he actually forgot about the plans himself and we had to reschedule). At any rate, nearly a month after our official anniversary, we had tea this weekend and it was lovely and decadent as high teas in fancy hotels so often are. 

We had already eaten two scones before we thought to take a picture. Quite a spread!

Me, as seen by my tea partner, when his head is presumably tilted. 

The waitress asked if we were celebrating anything special,  and I told her it was a late anniversary tea, so she came back with this. Since it came after we had already consumed the above tri-level of food, this little guy had to come home with us. 

A rare shot of the two of us that isn't a selfie. 
All and all a lovely way to spend a rainy Saturday (or a sunny Saturday, I imagine, but there's something nice about joying tea while watching the rain). Looking forward to drinking tea together for many years to come.


  1. Congratulations to a wonderful couple. You deserve a super celebration after your plumbing problems, etc. Mom