Saturday, December 6, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014: The one with the cute puppy

Thanksgiving was over a week ago. It was a wonderful time with family, and particularly nice this year because Aileen could join us, we didn't have to fly (although we were stuck in traffic for six hours, so I haven't figured out if that's better or not), and there was an adorable King Charles Spaniel puppy in our midst. That said, it's been a somber week, and I feel weird about posting happy pictures right away. Still, if I don't leave a record of them, then they're just lost of my phone/computer never to be seen or categorized again. So here are just a couple of photos, and back with a real post next week!

Sam is really good about taking candid group photos. Or sometimes bad, I guess, if you're in them. 

I can now say I've been to a hockey game.


The cutest puppy. He lived to be chased.

There were more serious tamale making photos, but I think this best captures  the spirit of the event. 

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