Monday, May 5, 2014

Spring at last

It's actually been spring here for a while, and particularly beautiful this year. Or maybe it just feels that way after such a long winter. I haven't been taking any pictures, but I've certainly appreciated Astoria recently erupting in blooms. Well except for the sudden allergies that I'm not usually plagued with but that have somehow surfaced this year. Still, even if I have to do so through glasses instead of contact lenses, I can still enjoy seeing the loveliness of spring. 

On Friday, Sam and I were meeting a friend for a going away dinner, and enjoyed a nice walk through Central Park first. It, much like Astoria, was heavily flowered. But, much like with Astoria, I didn't take any pictures of the blooms. Luckily, spring is not a phenomenon localized to New York, so I'm sure you can assume it's rather like things wherever you are. (Well unless I have any southern hemisphere readers, which seems unlikely at this point.) Instead of flowers, Sam took a picture of this cool gazebo thing we discovered in the southwestern part of the park. I know that area pretty well, so I was surprised I'd never seen it before. 
They probably have gazebos where you are too, but nevertheless. 
The last time we took a picture on this bridge was on my birthday, and it was cold and snowy. 
The going away dinner was at this restaurant in Harlem. Sam took this artsy picture of it, so I figured why not share it? 
Saturday and Sunday were equally glorious (weather-wise anyway; my horse lost the Kentucky Derby). A new flea and food market opened in Astoria in the back lot of Astoria Kaufman Studios, where they film Orange Is the New Black, Sesame Street, etc. I mostly go to these things for the food, although it's always fun to see the wares as well. Most of the stuff is pretty expensive, but now knowing what they charge for a booth there, I can't say I'm surprised. I got some lobster hush puppies and an artisan donut, and all in all it was a good day.

The new flea on the block.

Today, it's also quite lovely out, but I'm inside, nose to the grindstone. Well technically right now I'm writing this post, but soon I'll be back working. Now, in fact. 

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  1. Do you watch Orange is the New Black? I hear the premiere for season 2 is soon!!