Monday, February 10, 2014


This will not be a substantive post. I spent the weekend working on a business project that should be launching in the next couple of weeks. Terribly exciting from my perspective, but not terribly blog-worthy...yet. Instead of a proper, news-worthy post, but so as not to disappoint those of you who do check this thing, I'm including some pictures of the only other notable thing happening right now: the fact that it keeps snowing every few days or so. Behold:

Okay, you can't really see the snow in this picture, but I took it on the way to the gym. You have no idea how exciting it is that the sun is rising now by the time I get there. 

Notice that despite this being shortly after the snow had stopped, the roads are clear. Thanks,  De Blasio!

I thought the entrance to the Sculpture Park made a nice juxtaposition. 

A friend I made at the park. 
A winter wonderland. Also, check out that awesome sky!

This isn't a snow picture either, but I couldn't have another cat in this post without also balancing it with a Dinah picture. 
I don't plan to work as much next weekend, so I'll be back with proper updates soon! In the meantime, enjoy staying warm.

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  1. The snow looks so pretty! I want to be a cat rolling around in it.