Monday, February 24, 2014

No-blog February

No proper post again this week. I promise this thing isn't turning into a Twitter. although this particular post will be nearly as terse. Today, I wanted to review a book my club just met about, but right now I'm directing the time it would take to write down my thoughts on it into more business start-up activities (who knew there were so many such activities required?). So instead, I'll just say: I recommend this book. Anyone who finds that one sentence micro-review compelling is welcome to borrow it from me.

In the meantime, as an apology for making this a no-blog February, here's a couple of pictures of my friends' adorable puppy!

Isn't that just the most dapper pup you've ever seen?

Remy discovers his tail and, naturally, decides to kill it.


  1. That puppy is adorable, but I couldn't help but notice your shirt is also very cute!

  2. Aww I was hoping that was your puppy! I'm guessing the business start-up is the greeting cards? I'm so excited for y'all!! And I clicked on your link for Visitation. Looks like an intriguing book!

  3. Thanks! The shirt is indeed cute, but not puppy cute :). And Rachel, you're welcome to borrow my copy!