Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sunny day in Red Hook

This Sunday, I went for a walk in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn. Previously, I have seen Red Hook only from the inside of its IKEA, which is to say, I haven't seen it at all. The neighborhood is similar to Long Island City: industrial feeling but with a couple of really nice blocks full of cafes and bars, inexplicably high rents, and lovely views of the city. Walking is really the only way to experience Red Hook because it is fairly inaccessible by public transportation. This stroll was actually because we had to get from the closest train stop to a bakery for a cake tasting appointment (the best type of appointment there is). However, we got there a little early so we kept walking and discovered the other wonders of Red Hook: views of downtown Manhattan across the water, the largest Fairway I have ever seen that takes me back to the wonderfully huge grocery stores of suburban Texas, a number of beautiful community gardens, and some tasty looking brunch places. 

Here are a few photos (taken by a talented photographer I know and will be marrying) of Red Hook:

 Note a statue (of liberty) in the right side of the image. Also note what a lovely clear day it is!

There was a cool old trolley by the water (behind the most amazing Fairway). I'm not sure why it was there, but my photographer took a shine to it. 

 Another shot of the trolley. More importantly the building behind it. In addition to having an enormous grocery store on the ground floor, it's an amazing looking loft building with apartments converted from an old warehouse. I was all set to move in, but apparently rents run $3,800 for a one-bedroom.

One of the best things about Red Hook is the many garden shops, community gardens, and random landscaping. If there's one thing Astoria could use more of, it's green space.

 Also, some fun street art!

 This particular bar is not one of the cuter ones, but it still has a certain aesthetic value. It was near the Red Hook Lobster Pound, a restaurant I've had many friends rave about. Red Hook is also home to a popular key lime pie place. If I hadn't just tasted twelve cakes at this point, I would have been interested in doing a culinary exploration of Red Hook.

A final shot of Red Hook! One day I will return. And if I ever get a car, I will be shopping at that Fairway.


  1. Very interesting. I will have to check it out -- particularly the key lime pie! Mom

  2. Looks like a fun outing! Did you end up choosing a cake? Cake testing rocks. I mean, the first bite of a dessert is always the best, so then with cake testing you can have several first-bites and just have a party in your mouth. :D Oh and I clicked on the link of the apartment. Super preeeetty. I want hardwood floors like that.

  3. We did! Well, sort of. We ended up picking three. But that's okay, because it's our wedding so we're allowed to have three cakes.