Monday, April 16, 2012

"Astorian April": A taste of Jackson Heights

It was a lovely day Sunday, so I made a pilgrimage out to Jackson Heights to go to the farmers' market. I think, although I haven't looked it up to verify, the Jackson Heights green market is the only year round one in all of Queens. As part of my new commitment to the borough, it seemed only fitting that I check it out. Jackson Heights is also home to a famous Indian restaurant called the Jackson Diner. That was the only "site" I knew to be on the look out for (other than the farmers' market itself for which I had the foresight to look up directions), but I didn't happen upon it. Next time, if I'm actually going around a meal time, I'll make more of an effort.

Here are a few photos of my Sunday, for those of you who have also never been to Jackson Heights. I guess those of you who have been there can see them too. I'll try to make appropriate comparisons to Astoria so as to fit the month's theme.

Ah, the underbelly of the 7 train. A perk of living in Jackson Heights is that a number of express trains seem to stop here. Also, and maybe this is just a grass is always greener sort of thing, the 7 train seems to be much faster and more reliable than the stupid N train.

Jackson Heights has many more trees than Astoria. I didn't count them, so consider that a general observation.

I force my photographer to take artsy shots of spring in Jackson Heights. Just as I do in Astoria.

Also, artsy shots of the farmer's market. Since Astoria only has a farmer's market in the summer, it's hard to compare the two, although if hard pressed, I'd have to say this one is nicer. Next time, I'll make more of an effort to get there earlier. By the time, we arrived the duck guy was all out of bacon.

We came home (to Astoria) to have a lunch of our market wares. That's a salad of baby spinach and spicy greens (with a sesame ginger dressing), sweet potato fries, and a little bit of duck salami. Delicious and light! Also, is it just me, or are my food photography skills improving?

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