Monday, April 30, 2012

"Astorian April": Is it really still April?

It's fair to say I dropped the ball on the last week or so of this experiment. I have a good excuse, but I'm going to keep it to myself (mostly because if you're reading this you probably already know). However, I couldn't help but include a final post in this little cycle. After all, I even went to another neighborhood of Queens on Sunday: Forrest Hills. True to its name, Forrest Hills is very hilly.  It's generally a wealthier more suburban neighborhood, which was certainly true of the part I saw. According to Wikipedia, Paul Simon and Hank Azaria are both from there. So there's that.

I don't have anything fascinating to say about Forrest Hills because I was just there for a meeting and did just enough wandering to pronounce it a fine neighborhood. Which is a good thing, because due to the aforementioned excuse, I don't actually have time to relay an actually interesting story. Instead, enjoy this collection of photos that I found on the Internet. It will save you valuable time in compiling your own Forrest Hills photo array.

 This is Forrest Hills High School. I actually did see this in my short-lived travels around the neighborhood because it happened to be across the street from my appointment.

 They have Banks of America on the quiet small-town street corners of Forrest Hills. Just as they do everywhere.

This keeps showing up in my searches. It's called Station Square, and I get the impression it's kind of a big deal in Forrest Hills.

Before I go back to being productive, I just wanted to offer a few thoughts on this "Astorian April" project. Nuggets of wisdom I acquired, if you will.

1) Getting around Queens via public transportation is really hard. There is a reason I had to formally insert exploring Queens into my schedule--it doesn't just naturally happen.
2) My posts this past month have been really boring and uninspired. Not that I'm blaming the borough of Queens for my shoddy writing, per se. I'm just making the observation.
3) Farmer's Market duck salami is truly a revelation.
4) The R train sucks on the weekends.
5) I don't like limiting myself by theme because then I realize all the other things I'd rather be writing about.

I'll post a wrap up of all the non-Astorian April things I did this month soon. You know, once I'm done excuse-having.

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