Monday, March 26, 2012

The pie's the limit

Sometimes I worry my blog looks like it's written by some ultra-fickle bipolar person. My last post discusses my interest in eating less sugar and experimenting with healthier baking options, but this one is all about making pies. Sugar, butter, and egg filled pies. A friend, who is clearly a bad influence, came over the other day to do some experimental baking. I'm always up for experimental baking (see last post), and I had a spare pound of butter in my fridge, so I thought, why not? A couple of hours and four full-sized pies later we'd created two creations of varying worth taste-wise.

The first came of my desire to do something with grapefruit curd. I'm a big fan of lime and lemon curds in baking and was curious about experimenting with other citrus. Also, grapefruit seems to be the new 'it' curd on the food blog block, and I do so desperately want to stay current. The grapefruit curd on it's own would have been fine, but I wanted to add a few more elements. I've enjoyed cocktails that combined grapefruit and mint, so I decided that mint and grapefruit would be a fine combination. I paired the grapefruit curd with a mint whipped cream and a ginger snap crust. Somewhere along the way it became too complicated and the final result was more befuddling than tasty. Also, I didn't get a picture of this one as it was difficult to serve and ultimately not much to look at.

The second experimental pie was the result of googling grapefruit curd a few too many times and coming upon mango curd. Turns out curds aren't restricted to citrus as I'd always imagined! If you mix enough egg yolks and sugar with anything, it turns out a curd will be born. I made a standard pie crust for this one and filled it with the mango curd. I layered some strawberries on top for good measure. This pie came out much better than the first, and I believe if mangos were actually in season, it would be better still.

Not a great picture of not a bad pie.

I think after the bacchanal of pie making (and pie eating) that occured this weekend (luckily we had some friends over to watch the season premiere of Mad Men, so we had some help), I'll lay off baking full stop for a while. Sticking to fruits and vegetables not in pie shells for a while might be in my best interests. At least until my manic pie-happy side returns to post yet again.


  1. I have never heard of grapefruit curd! Thank goodness I have you to keep me current. I am obsessed with grapefruit and each them constantly (put this down to my sort of Texas roots). I now have Evie hooked on them too.

  2. It's delicious! Here's the recipe I used: I wouldn't recommend a whole pie of it actually, but it would be good on pretty much anything else.