Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Appreciating the silence of Vermont

As a writer, I tend to use ten words where five will do, and while usually I embrace the verbosity because it's my blog, and I don't actually have to scroll through it once I press "publish post," today I'm going to try something a bit simpler. I know some bloggers subscribe to a "wordless Wednesday" post where they just post a photo and let it speak for itself. I don't think I could show that sort of restraint, but today I am going to try with "word-low Tuesday" (which, I acknowledge, is sadly less alliterative). To that end: I went on a trip to Vermont this weekend. It was a lovely getaway with friends. See photos below.

Word-low or not, I can't help but add that this particular photo will be my album cover when I finally put out my first tin whistle CD "The Wandering Whistler."

I hope you enjoyed word-low Tuesday. Your feedback is, of course appreciated. Did you find it refreshingly austere? Or smarting of laziness? Or perhaps, like me, you're starting to feel like all I do anymore is post pictures of snow.


  1. I could use more commentary. Was that someone tapping a maple, or just standing next to a tree? Maybe you could just throw out a picture from time to time in addition to regular posts. Perhaps you could invite the readers beforehand to come up with a theme or thought or put in why you had picked the pic.

  2. The only people in the pictures are me or my friends, so none of us were tapping trees. I sampled some syrup while up there, but I didn't buy any because I didn't have enough cash on me.

    Thanks for the feedback!