Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'll be honest, this is mostly about my cat

A friend sent me this a while ago, and today I felt like posting it. After all, I finally figured how to post videos a few weeks ago.

I think it's a fairly accurate representation of what my life is like. The creator ( has a number of videos that similarly capture the inexpressible joy of cat ownership: Okay, now that's it's uploaded incorrectly, I realize I don't have the power to get a video in the correct format on this computer. I'm leaving it there anyway as a testament to my attempt, until I can get it fixed. Until then, just follow the links above.

In Dinah news, she continues to delight with her feline quirkiness. Her favorite thing to do is to chew up headphones that haven't properly been stored in a drawer. She has been known to attempt to open a sliding drawer to get at headphones she knows are inside. She is nothing if not single-minded in hunting down and destroying them. Ear buds will be completely chewed up to the point that their tiny innards are splayed in a totally unusable mix of wires. Larger ear phones will mostly just get a thorough licking. I don't know why she does this, but it seems to also extend to ear plugs which we can no longer keep in the house.

I took her to the vet this week for her yearly check-up. The vet was someone filling in, who was much more of a salesman than her previous vet. He immediately detected a potential tumor while feeling my cat's, admittedly rather larger than it should be, belly (she's in the process of losing 2 pounds--but she doesn't like to talk about it). He asked to do an x-ray to double check. I'll admit, my first reaction was to want to ask " much?" But then, even though I was somewhat mistrustful of this new guy, I didn't want to be the jerk that let my cat's tumor go undiagnosed because I'm cheap. So one $95 x-ray later and we were able to see that what he'd thought was "maybe a tumor" was actually just a kibble baby. I guess because he thought we should get our money's worth the doctor was insistent about pointing out all the non-tumor-things on the x-ray. "See...that's some food...and that's also food. That right there is some fecal matter. This larger area down here is more food." Ah yes, money well spent.

This is basically her life. That, and apparently, eating her entire day's allotment of kibble right before I come home to take her to the vet.


  1. Such a cute picture! And it doesn't make her look fat!

  2. She looks pretty much like this now...but to be totally honest, that picture was actually taken last year (when according to the vet she weighed 6 oz less).

    If Dinah were to start a dating profile, this is totally the out-dated, slightly misleading photo I would use.

  3. My feelings about cats are well known, but I really do love Dinah! She's so delightful (and never really upset my allergies too much)! I'm happy she's healthy. And her love of hunting down and chewing earphones is hilarious!

  4. Laughing at "kibble baby" and hypothetical dating profile picture! Our oldest cat is getting heavier too. First he was down a few ounces, but he gained it all back. Poor guy is a yo-yo dieter!

  5. Aw I love the picture of her!! So cute. Sorry you had to spend the money for an x-ray! I love being a kitty owner. Syd is loving the fact we have a kitty too. One of the most easy to understand words that she says is kitty. We might possibly be encouraging this obsession with buying a kitty stuffed animal and kitty pajamas. But who doesn't love kitties??

  6. They would find the same thing if they x-rayed me.

    I have some friends whose cat got its tail cut off. He took it to the vet, learned how much it would cost to fix his tail (I don't know if getting it sewn back on was even an option), and told the vet he didn't want to do anything because it cost too much. The vet was shocked so worked on the cat for free.