Sunday, August 7, 2011

Apologies for writing under the influence of eggplant parmesan and a couple of glasses of wine

I might not be doing the same amount of writing here for the next month or so because none of my readers pay me and my freelance employer does. More importantly, they except me to turn in 23,000 words on subjects ranging from rising ocean levels due to climate change to Wikipedia founder and technology mogul Jimmy Wales in the next month or so. (And by "ranging from," I really mean just those two things).

But really what is my writing but empty words trying to express experiences much better captured in images? To that end, here are a couple of photos from my beach weekend. Well, not so much weekend as a single summer Friday followed by two days of clouds and rain. Which really was fine by me because I was (mostly) confined to my keyboard penning lines from what will become the definitive biography of Jimmy Wales. And I know it will be the definitive text because there are currently very few sources in existence in the New York Public Library system devoted to the man from which I might draw my research. My only recourse has been to pore over various interviews Wales has given over the years. Through which I've determined he's kind of insufferable. So this is going to be a long 15,000 words. But that is my cross to bear. At any rate, enjoy these photos from Long Beach, NY--the jewel of Long Island.

The fact that there isn't broken glass on the beach make it worth the $11 for beach access. The beauty is just a bonus.

I'm only this carefree and looking at the world through rose colored glasses when on the Long Beach boardwalk on my way to BBQ legend Swing Bellys

See that sky? Talk about blue!

Taking photos of the platform did not make the train back to the city come any faster.

Also, I promise not to blog while drinking in the future. It might not help my writing much, but it certainly makes reading quotes from Jimmy like "I make the Internet not suck" easier to stomach. Until next time, readers!


  1. The beach is so empty! I'm used to seeing NY area beaches with no sand uncovered.
    I'm expecting a future post comparing Long Island vs Texas BBQ. (In the far distant future -- after fulfillment of your free-lance obligations.)

  2. Hahaha "I make the internet not suck!" should be subtitle for the book. Good luck with the writing!

    Also, those pictures are great! I particularly like the one of the subway platform.

  3. Anon--The key is to go on Friday when some poor souls are still at work. Also to go to a beach that costs money and involves taking the train outside the city. Also, comparing Swing Bellys to Texas BBQ is like comparing apples and some fruit no one has ever heard of. Unrelated, Swing Bellys put's fried onion strings on their mac and cheese. There is room in the world for both.

    Deepsnaps--Thanks for the well wishes! As for the platform photo, I'll relay that to the photographer. He'll be happy to have his position validated after I expressed doubt as to the worthiness of the composition. I too now see the error of my ways.