Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sun bathing where the sock monkeys roam

The weather has been gorgeous lately. As a side note, I'm beginning to wonder how many times I can continue to comment on seasonal conditions outside before I get pigeonholed as a "weather blog." At any rate, this weekend a friend of a friend went out of town leaving behind his beautiful condo apartment with rooftop pool in Jersey City. Also, a sock monkey. This normally would have a minimal impact on my life, but luckily said friend of friend left behind the keys to this awesome summer day hang out and sock monkey roost. Although the day wasn't quite warm enough for real swimming, it was an excellent day for lazing around pool side, gazing at the view from the roof, and marveling at the luxuries available just across the river in New Jersey. Such amenities include a lounge with pool table, a fancy gym and yoga room, a pool and huge bbq pit area, a screening room, and a personal balcony.

Also some great views, none of which I was responsible for photographing, naturally:
The true advantage of living in New Jersey over Manhattan (despite the lower taxes and cheaper apartments) is the view of downtown across the Hudson.

Also, a lovely view of the Statue of Liberty. I hate to say it, but you just can't see these things from Astoria. At least not without a decent telescope and the ability to see through smog.

I call this one "Liberty in Blue."

I didn't get a picture of the sock monkey, which judging from the amount of sock monkey paraphernalia in the apartment, is a much beloved pet. I didn't even know you could buy "I *heart* sock monkey" magnets, but apparently they're out there. These are the kind of things you learn when you cross the river to lovely, and surprisingly-cheap-Mexican-food-having, Jersey City.

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