Friday, January 7, 2011

Celebrating January

The fact that I only have one post in 2011 is starting gnaw at me, so I suppose it's time to write yet another one. I know, I know, the things I do for you, readers.

I feel like there's a lot to look forward to in 2011. There are inevitably so many things to celebrate on any given day. For example, according to a random site of holidays for January, today is International Programmer's Day. I have a feeling most programmer's aren't even aware of that fact. I encourage all of my readers who are in fact programmers to go out and demand your accolades. Also, a website devoted to International Programmer's Day suggests you send the lucky techies in your life a celebratory e-card.

Quite possibly the ugliest e-card ever. Best hope the programmer in your life doesn't have an eye for design.

I'm not super jazzed about International Programmer's day (not that I don't support and admire anyone who can read computer languages--I personally flounder at even the basic html to run this blog). However, tomorrow is a day I can more fully get behind. According to the National Confectioner's Association, tomorrow is National English Toffee Day. I personally like to live every day as if it's National English Toffee Day, but I'm still glad this is officially on the books.

Outside of just this weekend, there are reasons to celebrate the entire month of January. For you see, January is also California Dried Plum Digestive Health Month. Yep, that's a thing. “Dried plums are a great source of vital nutrients and contribute to a healthy digestive system,” says Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. You can start your digestive health off right this month by entering the Super Snacking Sweepstakes at the official California Dried Plums website ( You could be $1,000 richer in the dried fruit of your choice.

I'm more of a dried apricot person myself. Luckily, January is also Apricot Month.

For those who like their produce a little more...hydrated, it's also National Mail Order Gardening Month. As far as I can tell, this means you should not only start a garden but do so only from seeds and bulbs from catalog mailings. I don't receive gardening catalogs, but that's not as big an impediment as the fact that I live in an apartment on a busy avenue without absolutely no green space. It pains me that I won't be able to celebrate this one.

Wishing you all a happy January! May all your gardening supplies come from write-in order forms and all your plums be shriveled!


  1. Who would have thought that the prune would have national recognition like that? Apparently, my brother-in-law was just telling me that there is a national bath tub party day in December. If only it was in January...:p

  2. He he, I like how Arnold is trying to make prunes more hip by calling them dried plums. A different name will not hide that they're still old people food. If they really want to make them popular they should bring back the California Raisins characters as plums, they looked like plums anyway.