Monday, September 21, 2015

Running and strolling

Sunday began remarkably early, especially by Sam's standards. He signed up for a marathon relay through his work because it supported a nonprofit that his office shares a business with and they got guilted into it. This led to us being downtown a little before sunrise. 

Sam wondering why he is up this early. 
 Sam's team decide to go renegade. Instead of each running their four miles and change separately and passing the baton, they all ran together. Or actually most of them walked, but Sam ran the whole way. I was impressed considering he just signed up a few weeks ago and hadn't really trained at all.

While waiting for the runners to finish, I drank coffee and took photos of the empty park. 
Sam nearing victory.
 Since we were up anyway, after the race we decided to take a little day trip to Wemberly. It's a cute little town. We'd driven through to get gas after going to Jacob's Well and wanted to check it out more thoroughly. Unfortunately, it's one of those places where you just stroll around and look at stores and galleries. We hadn't yet considered that walking around aimlessly would not be ideal day for someone who had just run several miles. We ended up bagging the gallery walking pretty soon and just getting some lunch. Still, I feel like we got the gist of it.

Sam in front of some cute store we didn't go in. 
There were a bunch of painted boots around Wemberly. I saw a brochure at one point saying "Wemberly is Bootiful" that probably would have explained their significance. 
A pretty view on the walk to lunch
As a final note, specifically for my readers who are also artists: I talked to a couple gallery owners during our Wemberly walk-a-about. The two I talked to both kept a very local selection, but there were a bunch more that we didn't go in, so there are still many potential places to exhibit.

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  1. Way to go, Sam! I do wonder where all the other runners are. Glad to know that Wemberly has recovered from the flood.