Monday, July 7, 2014

Things photographed

First off, I would be remiss in this post if I didn't first wish Sam a happy birthday! Secondly, sorry it's been a couple of weeks hiatus. In an effort to catch up without the actual effort of stringing events into a narrative (it may not look it, but I do put some effort into that sometimes), I'm going to do one of those ever-popular "photos from my phone" posts. Does this still count as blogging? More importantly: is it at all interesting? These are the hard questions I leave to you, my readers. As for me, I've got photo dumping to do: 

I like the miss en scene here, and it was the healthiest looking picture of food on my phone. 
To begin: Sam and I hosted a game night at our apartment last week, and it was far too hot to cook anything for people to nibble on, so instead I served guacamole (the avocados are unreal right now!) and summer rolls. I suppose I took the above picture of the ingredients for the summer rolls because I planned to share the recipe later. Obviously, that did not happen. But then again, who needs a recipe to make summer rolls?

Crossfit pride. Or rather gay pride + Crossfit.
 Last weekend was Pride, which I didn't remember until getting out of the subway in the West Village to go see a movie. At first I was confused by all the shirtless men walking around (although it was pretty hot), but once I saw a few rainbows and cowboy outfits, I got with the program. My final clue was when I actually ran into the parade itself. As luck would have it, Hells Kitchen Crossfit had a float, and it was going by right as I walked up. Our gym should clearly do this next year.

Rainbow Empire State!
This picture is kind of a wash because you can't tell what I was going for. The Empire State Building was lit up like a rainbow for Pride. It looked cool in person, anyway.

PS 1
This was taken from PS 1 the school turned modern art museum (off-shoot of the MOMA) in my neighborhood. Residents of Astoria get in for free, so I went with a friend on my day off. Every time I go I am reminded that it's not really my style of art, but that I do love the building. They always do a cool outside exhibition in the summer though. So, you know, I took a picture of it on my phone.

She finally won the window sill battle and made me get rid of that plant. 
No phone photo dump is complete without a picture of Dinah! She is the most photographed thing on my phone by far.
Grand piano in Washington Square Park
 After brunch yesterday, we went for a quick walk through Washington Square Park. The guy playing this piano was pretty good. So there's that.

Sam's patriotic birthday!
Although Sam's real birthday is today, we did some pre-celebrating over the weekend at his parent's house. That did mean there was some 4th of July crossover though, as this cake (really a tart/cheesecake) will attest. I have too many strawberries on hand to not decorate things like the American flag when the situation presents itself. Luckily, Sam's mom had a "happy birthday" cake decoration laying around, so there wasn't any confusion as to the cake's true purpose.

This little bench puppet was also in Washington Square Park
These are out of order, but this little guy seemed like a fitting way to end this post. Next time, I promise: more words, fewer pictures. Well unless you actually prefer more pictures and fewer words, in which case I really need to figure out how that Instagram thing really works #finallyunderstandtwitter.

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