Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A respite in Texas

This past weekend and the first bit of this week (hence the late posting) was spent visiting friends and family in Texas. We flew into Houston Thursday night, drove to Austin for the weekend, and then back to Houston to spend a couple of days before flying back to New York last night. It was something of a whirlwind trip, but a fun one. And one you can now re-live with me in photos!

Sam didn't believe in pulling over to the side of the freeway to take pictures of bluebonnets (it's "dangerous") so this is my best attempt at capturing the beauty of spring in Washington County. I call it "Spring in Washington County as seen at 70 miles per hour." 

These bluebonnets were not captured from a moving vehicle and were actually not in Washington County at all. These flower were growing at the arboretum in (well, near) Houston. I broke chronology and put this photo here though so that you can appreciate how much nicer bluebonnets look close up.

This photo is evidence that Sam was doing all of the picture taking on this trip. He loves graphic art. This was taken in Austin. 

Another one of Sam's shots from Austin. It's like you were there!

Two of the lovely ladies I went to Austin to see. We walked around this outdoor graffiti park and it was a lovely day for it. We probably would have walked around a little more but there was poison ivy and none of us were wearing proper footwear (not pictured).
Now to jump to Houston! (The road trip back was uneventful). My parents took us to Perry's for their famous pork chops. Alas in this photo, the pork does not appear as ridiculously massive as it does in real life. 

We went to the arboretum where the above bluebonnet photo was captured. In addition to lovely flowers, they also have very photogenic turtles.

Not surprisingly, Sam took this one as well. I think it came out very well. That said, it looks like I'm wearing some kind of all black funeral garb, so I would just like to clarify that I'm wearing a striped maxi skirt (with not enough contrast, I guess), and a dark denim jacket. It looks less goth in person. 
That about sums up the trip. It was a great deal of eating, so now I'm going to need to slowly integrate vegetables and non-fried things back into my diet. That and making 1,400 bookmarks are basically the project for this week.

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  1. That bluebonnet close-up is electric blue!