Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Bard's Cards

I do believe everyone who reads this thing will already be familiar with this new venture through some form of social media or direct email, but I did promise a post about it. Today was the official launch date of the Shakespeare greeting card line The Bard's Cards that Sam and I have been working on for the past few months.

We're every excited to share them with people, and while I realize I send out a few more greeting cards than I receive, I know there are fellow card senders out there still. I'm hoping they find our site and am doing some social media advertising to try to encourage them to. If anyone reading this knows anyone who might benefit from such a product make sure to send them here: The Bards Cards.

While we're new to the business side of things and don't have nearly as much fun entering tax data and estimating shipping costs as we do with the creative part, Sam and I have been having a good time working together on this. Naturally, he manages all of the art and design, and I just bumble my way through the works of William Shakespeare and try to think of cute animals. Equally difficult and fun jobs, both. We may not get rich doing this, but we're excited to see where this goes.

And now I promise to keep all further spamming/advertising/what-have-you off this blog and save it for  the Bard's Card's blog. Have a wonderful weekend, readers!

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