Friday, January 24, 2014

Scenes from my Samsung: winter edition

So it comes the time for another photo dump from my phone. Why do I post such things on my blog? Well really just because it justifies taking pictures of random things throughout the day. If they just sit on my phone, what's the point? We've reached an age where if you don't photograph it, there's really no point in running into celebrities, climbing really tall things, or ordering photogenic entrees at all (Note: none of these things actually appear in the photos below so temper your expectations accordingly). Thus without further ado, here's some random photos from the last couple of weeks:

The High Line at night in the winter. It looks so different not covered in people!

Usually in New York when you pay $6 for a pretzel as some gastropub, you expect a puny, minuscule thing but decide to pay it anyway because damnit you just want a pretzel. Every so often, they surprise you. 

It was 30 degrees and this dude took off his jacket to put on his dog. Everyone on the stalled train took pictures on their phones (presumably to post on their own blogs, instagrams, or Facebooks), especially when he kept trying to get the hood to stay up. 

From the EMP museum in Seattle. When you moved in front of the screen, it caused images to respond to your movements. I don't think I'm describing it very well, nor is this picture showing it very well, but it was cool in person. 

Okay, so I realize a lot of these are of Seattle (and specifically the EMP Museum) so I guess this is just a cheap way to have a second Seattle post because Sam and I took too many photos. 

Sam jamming in one of the EMP jam rooms.

SeaHawks macarons! Which reminds me: New Yorkers, Macaron Day 2014 is happening this March. Be ready.

Times Square during the blizzard on Tuesday. Remarkably empty! Why was I personally out and far from home during a blizzard? I have my reasons.
You may note there were no photos of Dinah in this particular batch of phone photos. Rest assured she is just as cute and effortlessly photogenic as always, I just haven't had my phone on me around the house as much to capture it. Until next time, hope you have a lovely weekend, reader!

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