Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A September stream of semi-consciousness

I'm happy to say that the novelty was worn off on my phone (although I did download my first app this morning!), so no random photo dump today. In fact, the only photos I've taken in the last five days have been of some things I'm selling online, the dry erase board at crossfit, and Dinah (of course). At one point I was sitting next to her on the coach for a few hours working, and she just kept contorting herself into cuter and cuter positions. See Exhibit A below.

Exhibit A: Who can work when this cuteness is belly up next to you?
Part of the lack of photos is because I mostly relaxed this weekend. Despite its four day duration, I didn't go anywhere (well except New Jersey). Instead, I spent it mostly eating too much, and occasionally drinking too much. It seems hard to believe that yet another summer has come and gone. My fifth since I moved to New York, come to that. I feel like I should have made some sort of post on my five year anniversary here (or did I do that and I just can't remember?), but I don't really have a lot of say about it. 

I've never really been one for celebrating specific dates as milestones, but I do thoroughly enjoy ruminating on the passing of time. I'm still loving my one-line-a-day, five-year journal for that reason. Although I hadn't made note of the calendar dates at the time, it reminded me of the date Sam and I got engaged and even the date we decided on a wedding venue. Smaller, but equally notable, events like the time our trivia team won some money or the time a bird pooped directly on my face (I wasn't even looking up!) while walking to a friend's cocktail party and carrying a baked brie also crop up. You wouldn't think these are memories that could be forgotten. 

I also enjoy noting the similarities from year to year (although granted it's only been the one year, so my frame of reference is pretty small). Some characters come and go, but the main ones stay the same and do shockingly similar things. I'd forgotten what plans I'd made for Labor Day last year, but apparently I did exactly what I did this year: hang out with my now in-laws in New Jersey. And it was just as lovely then as it was now. I also realized I talk about trivia in my journal far too much, but I tend to think that's because Mondays are usually devoid of all other interesting activities. I guess what I'm saying (if I were to try to come to some neatly supported point), is that the repetition I at first thought made me boring and predictable is actually fairly comforting. I like doing new things, but I also really enjoy routine. And, frankly, answering trivia questions. 

I think I lost the thread of the point a little while ago, but no matter. Happy September, readers! And happy anniversary to whatever milestone big or small today commemorates for you because it's always something. 

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