Monday, August 12, 2013

The fancy phone sees all

I used to see a recurring post on some blogs that was "scenes from my iphone" or "iphone photos of the week." You know, very similar to my post of last week except with more Apple branding. I always thought it was kind of a lazy way to cobble together a post from a bunch of odds and ends that wouldn't really warrant one on my their own. In fact, I still think it's lazy blogging, but that doesn't mean I won't be doing it. After all, it worked okay on the last post. It won't be all the time mind you, but right now I'm working on a big writing project that deserves some attention, so this is the result. And after all, I might as well get some benefit out of paying a high phone bill now, other than ease in texting and a weird assortment of African drumming ringtones. At any rate, behold! A selection of technologically acquired photos from events over the past week:

Last Tuesday we went to David Burke Fishtail as our restaurant of choice (read: restaurant we could not otherwise afford) for restaurant week. It led to this moody shot taken with nothing but a Samsung Galaxy S3 and the light coming off a sconce, artfully dimmed by our waiter's head.

I feel like this could be a still from a Nicholas Refn movie. Or maybe a David Lynch film given that the water glass makes it look like Sam has 6 fingers. 
These are the kinds of beautiful things they bring you at expensive restaurants.
 On Wednesday, I went with some friends to see a movie at Socrates Sculpture Park, defiantly flouting the weather forecasts. We only made it through 2/3rds of the movie (a Domincan film Sugar which was surprisingly funny but in a way that made me think it would have a really depressing ending) before the rain caught us, but before it did we enjoyed a lovely picnic dinner. Well, not so much a dinner as a cheese feast, but who really needs other food groups?

One of my favorite installations at the sculpture park right now. Works in the rain. 

Note the ominous clouds over the movie screen. 
On Saturday, I went to a 90s themed birthday party because it's apparently been long enough that we can start to be nostalgic about it. If I were to dress as I actually did in the 90s, it would be almost entirely matching patterned skort and vest sets with things like vegetables and fish on them. Since they thankfully don't make such things in adult sizes, I went with another 90s classic. I'm also wearing a snap bracelet with peace signs on it, but even the keen lens of the phone couldn't capture its detail.
You also can't see that I'm wearing off-brand keds.
 Another plus of just throwing together a bunch of pictures from my phone together is that a good 50% of them are pictures of Dinah. And this blog could always use a few more pictures of Dinah.
This is one from her most regal series. 
 On Sunday, I needed a break from writing, so we decided to go to Long Island City to get lunch at the Food &Flea outdoor market and stop by PS1 on the way back. It is only in recent years that I discovered Astoria residents get into this MOMA off shoot for free, and I always forget to take advantage of that fact. Anyway, the below picture isn't one of the lovely images of my meatball sliders or my friend's fish taco, but is of the guy (very tiny in the back) who was playing live music. He played covers of Halle and Oates's "I Can't Go for That" and the Laverne and Shirley theme song with equal aplomb.
I mostly enjoy this picture because I like to think he is raising his hands in triumph not because he's finishing his set but because he saw me taking a photo of him on my awesome phone. 
 Every summer, PS1 does an outdoor installation in their main courtyard. This one nicely involved cold pools you could lounge in and water both misting and occasionally raining from above.

The outdoor installation at PS1

Sam. Lounging. 

They also had this indoor ecosystem inside the museum. They always do weird, site-specific stuff that I usually don't get, but at least it looks cool.

So that's pretty much my last week as told through things I bothered to take pictures of. Unrelated, but I submitted our wedding to the wedding blog that made all my planning possible, so check it out if you'd like to see the same wedding pictures but on a different blog. Also, if you happen to be planning a wedding at the moment, stay a little longer, because that site is awesome.

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