Monday, July 16, 2012

At least we stormed a Medieval fortress

So I've been a pretty lackluster blogger as of late, but I do have some potentially interesting things coming down the metaphorical pike, so hopefully things will pick up in August. After all, if I can't get excited about blogging about potentially interesting things, what hope is there for blogging at all? At any rate, I spent a liberating Bastille Day up at the Cloisters in Fort Tyron Park, thanks to the kindly donation of a couple of museum passes from a Texas patron of the arts. Which is not to say I couldn't have afforded to go to the Cloisters on my own (especially with their whole "pay what you want" donation policy), but it's amazing what having a pass in your hands will do for planting the seed.

I had been to the Cloisters once before when I first moved to the city (which as of this month was four years ago!). The museum is full of Medieval art and artifacts, but the building itself is the real beauty. The museum itself is composed of architectural elements from 12th-15th century Europe and includes a number of beautiful courtyards and views overlooking the Hudson River. It's amazing how by just riding the A-train uptown, you can feel transported to miles outside the city to a hilltop in Spain (not that I'm qualified to make that comparison, having never been to Spain). I took some photos (and encouraged the taking of other photos), to share:

Me in Fort Tyron Park. I dyed my hair (or rather my friend did) again, but it didn't warrant it's own post this time because the novelty has worn off. 

A hazy New Jersey from Fort Tyron Park. 

The Cloisters.

The sign said this Virgin Mary effigy was looking adoringly at the baby Jesus, but I found her expression to be more bemused. 

It's so hard to get good photos indoors without flash.

One of the courtyards. Those are quince trees back there.

The courtyard where they have the museum cafe. We stopped for ice coffee. Exciting!

I just really like this one. 

Is it just me or can you never get tired of courtyard pictures? 

Believe it or not, this is not a courtyard picture at all, but is outside the Cloisters in Fort Tyron Park. They have a lovely heather garden.

A parting shot of Fort Tyron Park. 
After the trek up town, we had dinner in Astoria. The place we went served both wine and fondue, but it was too hot to be in the mood for a piping hot vat of cheese. Instead I toasted Bastille Day with a frisee salad and a tequila cocktail.

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