Friday, February 17, 2012

The proof is in it

If in reading my last post, you questioned the wisdom of a business plan that centered around only one food item (specifically: mini pies), then you underestimate the mysteriously bottomless hunger for such places. Never before moving here have I found so many places that center around doing one thing well and remarkably successful at it. There's the Meatball Shop which now has 3 locations in the city, and S'Mac (damn good mac and cheese) which has two. And then there's the lobster roll place whose name escapes me right now, although I know "lobster" is definitely one of the words in the name. There are countless cupcake places that, aside from maybe coffee, have no other confections on the menu. Other cities may have their taco trucks and dumpling joints too, but I feel this place has cornered the market on the one-hit restaurant.

Added to this venerable roster is an exciting new place that I just tried last night: Puddin'. This East Village pudding shop just opened recently, and luckily I read about it in New York Magazine's article on 101 of America's Most Crazy-Awesome New Desserts. Trust me, this is a slide show worth taking the time for. At any rate, I already have a rice pudding place (Rice to Riches--the best of all possible one-off eateries), but I don't yet have a traditional pudding place. That is until last night.

This place is what pudding should be. By which I mean: like eating thick, yet fluffy, flavored cream. They make a number of different speciality parfaits, but you can also just mix and match their puddings with an array of different toppings (including such things as: salted caramel sauce, candied mixed nuts, coconut soaked lime cake, and peanut brittle). I didn't try any of the toppings or sauces because I was getting my pudding to-go (foolishly having eaten too much at dinner despite knowing that pudding lay in my future) and wasn't sure how they would do traveling. I chose to try the butterscotch and chocolate as they are two pudding classics that seemed they would pair nicely. The butterscotch apparently actually has scotch in it (so points for that), and the chocolate is made with some sort of fancy Icelandic chocolate. I didn't know Iceland was known for their chocolate, but knowing this now, I will make sure to keep an eye out when I'm there next weekend.

I will have to go back and try the other flavors (except the rice pudding because I would never betray my first pudding love). I should also probably start exercising daily again.


  1. Nice photo. Did you or someone near to you take it? Pudding is actually a hassle to make.

  2. The quality of the photo should be the first clue that I did not take it. It's actually a promotional photo from their website. Also, and this may be just because I got it to go, the pudding I received was not in a cute shot glass thing but rather in a a plastic container. Delicious regardless!