Friday, January 13, 2012


I should be writing a number of things at this moment, none of which are this blog post. I'm working to finish writing samples for grad school applications (and bless all of those who read and gave thoughts on early drafts--gold stars all around). I also realized the deadline for a book that I haven't started yet is coming up faster than I realized. Normally, January in New York would be the perfect mix of biting cold and dismal slush combined to make my apartment the perfect forced writer's retreat. Alas, the weather has been lovely these last few weeks which can only mean that I will need to develop actual will power and work ethic to start/finish things. But as luck would have it 2012 is actually the very year I had planned to develop work ethic and will power so really it's just like everything is finally falling into place.

In light of this new Panglossian approach to life (to which I credit finally seeing the Muppets movie in all it's adorableness and thus to Bret McKenzie of Flight of the Conchords fame), I'm going to prioritize those thing which will get me paid and/or get me into a school that will then take all of that money. Never one to let such a resolution come at the expense of blogging (which as far as I can see neither earns me money or academic acclaim, but that's likely my own fault), I'm still updating today, but only to post links to other better things to entertain you. I'm actually not sure why I didn't think of this before. Enjoy!

A video montage of tumbleweeds in various films. More interesting than it sounds!

Photos of awesome street art from around the world. Who doesn't love street art? Well, the awesome kind anyway.

A totally different kind of street art--the less awesome and more morbid and sad kind. I found this because it was started by Sloane Crosely who writes the kind of personal essays that I think look easy until I really try.

This tumblr of ugly Renaissance babies was viral a month or so ago and was started by a guy I used to sit next to in a Postcolonial Lit class. Yet another famous artist to blossom from Hendrix College!


  1. The awesome street art was very black/white/gruesome for the most part. I'm glad it got more colorful at the end.

    I have certainly noticed the weird ugliness of Renaissance babies in the past. It says something about our current culture that someone is blogging about it. My personal opinion is that the artists were trying out their techniques on Baby Jesus because they know no one could criticize Him.

  2. Yeah, I noticed that. Just bad luck that that happened to be dominating when I posted the link. Here's the favorite from 2011 though which are mostly less gruesome: