Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rockin' bobbin'

Long ago, in a high school English class (I fully promise to quit with the high school memories after this one), we read the F. Scott Fitzgerald short story Bernice Bobs Her Hair and watched the Shelly Duvall short film to complete the educational experience. The main thing I remember getting out of it was that most Jazz Age women were apparently bitches, and that Shelly Duvall's Bernice really did look better in a bob no matter how much she was ostracized for it. I'm happy to live in a time (and particularly in this city) where short of shaving my head and dying my scalp orange, my choice of haircut would never warrant a second look.

Get this woman a bob! Or the very least a more flattering dye job and less harsh bangs.

At any rate, the point of this is that last night I got my hair cut shorter than it's been since I was a kid (and had the awkward "But what if I'm mistaken for a boy!!" cut). I'm trying a new experiment where I cut costs by trying to go six months between haircuts, so I left off the usual directive I give at the salon to not cut it so short that I can't pull it back when I go running. I mean really, how often do I actually go running? The only downside with waiting 6 months for a cut, is how bad your hair looks. It's a little shorter than I'd like right now, but I'm hopeful this will get me through until March without getting too bushy and/or gross. Curly hair is pretty forgiving though, so I see no reason why this shouldn't work.

Day 1 of...180. That's also the gestation period of a baboon.

Lest you think this blog is growing into a self-involved forum for me to talk endlessly about my hair growth, I want to assure you that the primary purpose of this post is actually to laud a fine local business right here in Astoria: Gigi Salon. It's an Aveda salon that costs slightly more than I would usually pay for a haircut (hence the 6-month hair plan), but it's definitely worth it. I started going to them a couple of years ago based solely on the fact that they were five doors down from my apartment at the time. That I've continued to be a loyal customer even after I moved an additional 6 blocks away clearly says something about their skill and customer service. I'm really bad with names and get haircuts so seldom that I never actually remember who cuts my hair, so I always get a new person. But everyone there seems pretty competent because I always come out with a pretty decent cut. Well done, Gigi Salon, you get an Astorian Dream salute! It's a new thing, so it doesn't really mean anything yet, but treasure this accolade nevertheless.


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  2. So cute!!!! You definitely pull it off really well. Have you tried it with curly hair yet? That's always my concern with getting a short haircut.

  3. I have mostly worn it curly actually. I think it looks pretty good, and have gotten some compliments, but it's really hard to get an honest opinion out of people on the subject of hair, so I can't say for sure!