Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shutting up and reminissing about leaves

I'm still working on writing so this will be a (nearly) wordless post. The cold has finally hit New York and with it has come the darkness. Or maybe that's more the fault of daylight savings time. Anyway, all I know is that when I leave work it's dark now. To compensate, I'm posting some pictures of Fall taken within the last few weeks when we still had nice things like daylight in the evening and warm days to enjoy the park.

Note the color in the leaves and the fact that you can still see Central Park because of the magic of sunlight.

It's just like When Harry Met Sally, except slightly more dead.

Now that's a proper Central Park Fall tree.

The always lovely Bethesda Fountain, bathed in (albeit somewhat waning) evening light.

Sorry this last one's a little blurry. I was trying to be stealthy, although I'm not sure why because really you probably wouldn't dress your dachshund as a hot dog if you didn't want people to photograph the little frankfurter.

Remind me to tell you later about the live chicken living on the 5th floor of my office building (in accounts payable) last week, the excellent production of Carmen I just saw, and the recipe for mac and cheese with butternut squash in it that recently changed my life. But for now, back to the writing! I promise you I'm making progress. The word count hasn't increased that much, but the IDEAS are there.


  1. nice pictures! central park looks really beautiful!

  2. For the record (and I think it's important to right this wrong)--ChiChi was the photographer of most (if not all?) of the above photos.

    Thanks for keeping your righteous indignation in check in the above comment, ChiChi!

  3. Did he take the blurry weiner-dog photo? Cause that is my favorite! Well, I do also like the When Harry Met Sally one, it is pretty cool also.

  4. I thought ChiChi had been declared the official photographer of this blog a few posts back. However, he deserves to get credit once again! Nice pictures. Also, nice cliff hanger. I can hardly wait to hear about the mac and cheese.

  5. He did take the blurry dog picture. And it's my favorite too.

    Also, I promise to post that recipe soon!

  6. Sigh - I love when Harry Met Sally ... great pics and that dog is so cute! I hope you are keeping a list of things to tell us about later! I may never forgive you if you don't share the Mac and Cheese recipe!

  7. Love the beauty of the fall colors which are only just now giving a hint of arrival here in TX.

    Your squash dish reminds me of a similar one I concocted years ago and put in a Northwoods cookbook. I agree that it's great to hide veggies in comfort food.